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What is podcasting- Watch this movie!!

Sites About Using Podcasting in Education

Podcast project upload

Examples of Podcasts

Ideas for Using Podcasting
Types PodcastsExamples of Podcasts
Podcasts for Students
Podcasts by StudentsWorld Languages

Podcasts by/for Media Specialists
Professional Development Podcasts for Educators
Special Interest Podcasts - a variety of examples

Listening to Podcasts
Finding Podcasts

Creating Podcasts

Audio Software for Recording and Editing

Tools for PodcastingMusic & Sound
ResourcesPodcasting in the News

Books and Publications about Educational Podcasting
Podcast Terminology

Some sites that provide royalty music arePartners in Rhyme, Flash Kit, and Sound Dogs.

Intro Music (MP3 file)
Interviews (MP3 file)
Mystery (MP3 file)
Sports (MP3 file)
Transition (MP3 file)
Ending Music (MP3 file)
Exit Music (MP3 file)

Music & Sound Resources

Online Collections
Some sites that provide royalty music arePartners in Rhyme, Flash Kit, and Sound Dogs.

Creative Commons
Free Music Archive (FMA)
Freeplaymusic - copyright-free music, but NOT for broadcast purposes, including podcasting
Musopen! - classical pieces
Open Music Archive - collection of "vintage" out of copyright recordings
Podcast Bumper Music
Podsafe Audio
Podsafe Music Network
Podsafe Music Resources - a long list to explore
Purple Planet - diverse set of royalty-free music clips that can be used, without limitation, in educational projects - changes regularly
SoundSnap - free sound effects and loops
Soundzabound - available as online subscription or on CD